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Precision hydro truck

Precision Hydro is the best choice for hydro excavations and non-destructive digging (NDD)

Precision Hydro stands as your reliable ally for hydro excavation and Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) services. Our journey began in May 2020, driven by a mission to enhance environmental sustainability in construction throughout Victoria through our dependable and innovative solutions.

Utilising cutting-edge equipment, including high-velocity vacuum units and high-capacity tanks, we excel in extracting larger volumes in less time, thereby minimising disposal trips. Our adaptable water pumps are adept at effectively managing challenging ground conditions. For exceptional resources on a variety of projects, contact Precision Hydro today and witness the notable difference we bring.

liquid waste removal in progress
vacuum loading
Two hydro excavation workers during a non destructive digging project
Precision team

Quality Fleet, Skilled Team: Precision Hydro Excavations' Commitment to Excellence

Precision Hydro Excavations serves as your dependable ally, offering rapid and flexible hydro excavation services to meet the demands of your time-sensitive projects. Under the leadership of Managing Director Brendan Vella, our family-owned business has experienced rapid growth, expanding our fleet to 10 vehicles and our team to 20 skilled employees in the last three years.

With diverse backgrounds in construction and operations, our team is equipped to manage every facet of your project, from initial planning to seamless execution. Fueled by innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, we have garnered the trust and respect of the industry. Continuously seeking new opportunities, our team is dedicated to enhancing and refining our solutions for the benefit of our clients.

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