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Whether you are tackling routine maintenance or addressing challenging clean-up tasks, safely and effortlessly remove wet and dry materials with high performance Vacuum Loading.​

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Why Vacuum Loading with Precision Hydro?

Operated by a team of skilled professionals, our specialised vacuum trucks have a suction capacity of up to 4,636m3/hr (2,728cfm), to meet the demands of a wide range of projects with precision and reliability. All trucks have the capability to efficiently clean out pump stations, wet wells, maintenance holes/pits, triple interceptors, tanks, and gross pollutant traps from distances up to 150 metres.

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Extensive Fleet

Our industrial vacuum trucks range from 3,000 litres to 22,000 litres, ready to handle any challenge.

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Versatile Solutions

From liquid and powder removal to catalyst handling, we've got you covered.

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Emergency Readiness

Trust us to manage emergency spills and planned maintenance shutdowns efficiently.

Our Vacuum Loading Services

Precision Hydro Truck | Liquid Waste Removal
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Targeting Your Sector

Why Work With Us

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Certified &

We're not just any service provider; we're an EPA Victoria and VWMA-approved entity. That translates to practices that exceed industry standards and a commitment to responsible environmental management. Trust us to ensure both your project's success and its sustainability.​

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We invest heavily in our equipment, ensuring that you benefit from the latest advancements in the field. Our fleet features cutting-edge wet and dry vacuum loading units, capable of handling a range of operational challenges, from liquid and powder removal to emergency spill situations.​

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Our seasoned professionals have both the skillset and the experience to manage complex excavation and waste management tasks. When you partner with us, you're gaining access to years of industry knowledge and an unparalleled focus on precision and excellence.

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Tailored Solutions,
Every Time

We understand that no two projects are the same. That's why we offer customised solutions, from liquid waste removal to emergency excavation services, to meet your specific needs. It’s not just about getting the job done; it's about getting it done right.

Our Services

We’re Precision Hydro Excavations, your Melbourne go-to experts for industrial waste management. With a keen eye on innovation, we’re committed to delivering cost-efficient and sustainable solutions tailored to your environmental needs. Our specialised services bolster Victoria’s infrastructure, construction, underground utilities, and expansive industrial sectors.

Investment in cutting-edge equipment is not just a line item for us; it’s a declaration of our commitment. From solid to liquid waste, hazardous or not, we’ve got the capability to manage, transport, and dispose of industrial waste responsibly. Choose us for a partnership that aligns with your vision and values.

hydro excavation service

Non-destructive digging (NDD) / Hydro Excavation

Experience non-destructive digging that sets industry standards, ideal for sensitive areas and precise tasks.

Drain Cleaning and Jetting | Precision Hydro

Drain Cleaning

Elevate your commercial building's plumbing with targeted drain cleaning services that surpass industry benchmarks.

Vacuum Loading | Precision Hydro

Vacuum Loading

Our extensive fleet of wet and dry vacuum loading units are your answer to waste and material handling challenges, be it liquids, sludges, or powders.

Precision Hydro Truck | Liquid Waste Removal

Liquid Waste Removal

EPA Victoria and VWMA-approved services to safely handle everything from hydrocarbon waste to floodwater.

Our commitment to precision is your ticket to unparalleled service, state-of-the-art equipment, and environmentally responsible practices. Let’s dig deeper, together.

Client Testimonials

We engaged with Precision Hydro Excavations for a large-scale underground utilities project. The level of expertise and precision they brought to the table was nothing short of astounding. They're now our go-to for all things excavation."
Steven H.
Construction Manager, BuildItRight Pty Ltd
"Brendan, Chantelle and the whole team have been amazing from A too Z!!!! They looked after all the jobs we had scheduled with them and they went above & beyond with their customer service! Highly recommend for all NDD work!!"
Marie K
Environmental Compliance Officer, EcoGuardian Pty Ltd
"When we had an emergency excavation need, Precision Hydro Excavations was on site in record time. Their professional approach and efficient service were life-savers. Highly recommended!"
Richard L.
Operations Director, Swift Logistics Pty Ltd

Our Values


Focused on Safety

Safety ensures protection from harm, risks, and hazards, creating a secure environment for individuals and processes.


Always Accountable

Accountability is taking responsibility for actions and decisions, being answerable for outcomes, and upholding ethical standards.


Quality Matters

Quality represents the level of excellence and adherence to standards in delivering products, services, or outcomes that meet user needs and expectations.


Integrable Relationships

Mutuality fosters cooperation, recognising shared interests and interdependence, leading to positive impacts on individuals and communities.


Efficiency is Key

Efficiency involves achieving goals with minimal wasted effort and resources, optimising processes for increased productivity.

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