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Welcome to Precision Hydro Excavations, your premier destination for liquid waste removal services in Melbourne. EPA Victoria Approved and VWMA (Victorian Waste Management Association) endorsed, we’re not just a service; we’re a promise of excellence.

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Why Liquid Waste Removal with Precision Hydro Excavations?

Operated by a team of skilled professionals, our specialised vacuum trucks have a suction capacity of up to 4,636m3/hr (2,728cfm), to meet the demands of a wide range of projects with precision and reliability. All trucks have the capability to efficiently clean out pump stations, wet wells, maintenance holes/pits, triple interceptors, tanks, and gross pollutant traps from distances up to 150 metres.

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Extensive Fleet

Our industrial vacuum trucks range from 3,000 litres to 22,000 litres, ready to handle any challenge.

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Versatile Solutions

From liquid and powder removal to catalyst handling, we've got you covered.

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Emergency Readiness

Trust us to manage emergency spills and planned maintenance shutdowns efficiently.

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Our Vacuum Loading Services

Our Vacuum Loading Solutions extend to

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Targeting Your Sector

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Partnering with Construction Industry Leaders​

Our esteemed reputation is founded on a basis of trust and a track record of success in projects associated with Melbourne’s notable buildings and infrastructure, where meticulous attention and careful handling are of the utmost importance. 

Our specialised Liquid Waste Removal services are designed to address the diverse needs of various sectors, each presenting its distinct set of challenges and demands, including Construction and Demolition, Major Infrastructure Projects, Government, Mining, Utilities, and Telecommunications.

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Why is liquid waste removal needed?

Environmental protection

Inadequate disposal of liquid waste can cause water contamination and soil and air pollution, posing serious risks to ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. Proper waste disposal helps prevent pollution and preserve the environment.

Public Health

Liquid waste may contain harmful substances such as pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals that can cause waterborne diseases, respiratory problems, and other health issues if not disposed of properly. Proper disposal reduces the risk of exposure and protects public health.

Regulatory compliance

Local, state, and federal regulations govern the handling, treatment, and disposal of liquid waste to protect the environment and public health. Compliance with these regulations is mandatory to avoid penalties and maintain business operations.

Resource conservation

Liquid waste often contains valuable resources such as water, organic matter, and nutrients that can be recovered, recycled, or reused through appropriate treatment.

Liquid Waste Removal in Progress | Precision Hydro

Why choose our liquid waste removal services?

Diverse liquid waste solutions

We specialise in managing various types of liquid waste, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across Melbourne. From oils, sewage and grease trap waste to fats, we understand the importance of handling each waste type with care.


Compliant services

We offer compliant services. We understand that liquid waste disposal isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The proper disposal of liquid waste ensures both the environment and public health. Our team ensures adherence to these regulations, sparing our clients from potential penalties and protecting our surroundings.

Minimal environmental impact

The environmental impact of inopportune liquid waste disposal cannot be overlooked. It poses significant risk of contamination to soil, groundwater, and surface water, further disrupting ecosystems and leading to long-term damage. At Precision Hydro, we prioritize responsible disposal practices to minimise such risks and preserve our environment for future generations.

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