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Accurately detecting underground utilities to prevent damage to pipes, cables and other infrastructure in Melbourne. 

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What is Service Locating
or Underground Service Locators?

Underground Service Locating is a vital step in making sure excavation projects are done safely and effectively. At Precision Hydro, we specialise in locating underground utilities and infrastructure. This service helps pinpoint the exact position and depth of water pipes, utility lines, electrical cables, underground pipes and other types of utilities thanks to our advanced equipment. The use of this equipment lowers the possibility of accidental damage during construction and ensures the safety of your excavation projects.   

The primary objective of underground locating services is to ensure worker and public safety. Our ability to precisely locate underground assets will ensure the safe and efficient completion of your project.  

What can underground service locators find?

Precision Hydro’s underground service locator can find a wide range of utilities and infrastructure that are buried underground. Some of the common utilities that we can help identify include: 

  • Water Pipes 
  • Utility Lines 
  • Electrical Cables 
  • Underground Pipes 
  • Fiber Optic Cables 
  • Non-metallic utilities 
  • Sewer pipes 
  • Gas Pipes 

Why Choose us for Underground Service Locating?

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We use underground service locators to ensure the most accurate underground findings. Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Concrete Scanning technologies are among the most sophisticated in Australia.

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Experienced Team with a Commitment to Safety

Our underground service locators follow strict safety procedures and are specialists in the newest locating methods. With extensive experience, our professionals bring expertise to every project, minimising project delays.


We are committed to environmental sustainability in all our operations. We use non-destructive digging techniques to locate utilities while minimising waste and protecting the environment.

Our Underground Service Locating Services

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

We use ground penetrating radar (GPR), a non-invasive technique which uses radar pulses to send an electromagnetic signal to locate utilities precisely and without disturbing the surface. With this technology, our team can precisely locate the position of buried assets.  

Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar:  

  • Accurate location of underground assets and utilities: Provides precise location of pipes, cables and other infrastructure, ensuring reliable project planning.  
  • Non-destructive and non-invasive: Minimise disturbance to the ecosystem and the earth, lowering the need for expensive repairs.  
  • Minimises risk of damaging existing infrastructure: Helps avoid accidental strikes on buried location of utilities, enhancing project safety.  

Concrete Scanning

We provide concrete scanning services in Melbourne to find embedded items in concrete, such as post-tension cables and rebar. With this technology, we can plan out the arrangement of these materials without using invasive techniques. This helps prevent any amount of structural disturbance.

Benefits of Concrete Scanning for Safe Excavation:  

  • Detects Embedded Objects in Concrete: Our services make use of innovative technology to locate embedded items in concrete. 
  • Prevents Costly Damage and Delays: We reduce the possibility of unintentional harm by identifying these items before excavation or building operations start.  
  • Ensures Structural Integrity: It is crucial to ensure the structural integrity of concrete constructions.  

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We offer our Underground Service Locating services in the Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne, VIC. We cover key areas such as Tullamarine, Essendon, Broadmeadows and surrounding suburbs. 

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For reliable and accurate Underground Service Locating, contact Precision Hydro Excavations today. Whether you are planning to start a construction project or a commercial development, we are ready to provide the essential service locating solutions you need.   

Contact us today for our professional services. Call us on (03) 9454 5900 or email at info@precisionhydro.com.au to request a quote or consultation. Our team is waiting to assist you with accurate and reliable service locating solutions tailored to your project’s needs. 

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